Intesa Sanpaolo Start-up Initiative - Cleantech 2010

Milan, Italy - September 30 - October 1, 2010

Cleantech and Renewable Energies

The fifth national edition of the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative was entirely dedicated to the CleanTech and renewable energy sector.

The event was organized in cooperation with IBAN, and it was introduced by the CleanTech Day conference, featuring a panel of international speakers. 

Over 170 start-ups applied for this edition; 26 gained access to the training and evaluation phase; and 11 were admitted to the final Arena Meeting, where they pitched to over 100 attending investors, who collectively expressed over 151 interest manifestations.

Selected Start-Ups
  • Technology to convert altitude wind energy into electricity exploiting the flight of airfoils which operate at 500-1000 m above the ground
  • Innovative solar tracking system for photovoltaic plants and concentrated solar power facilities.
  • Systems for the bioconversion of organic material based on a new proprietary technology
  • Adding water to hydrocarbons, utilizing small quantity of electric energy, can permanently increase the calorific potential without any addi
  • Increase efficiency of photovoltaic power plants of any size and integrate production with Smart Grid technology
  • Green Energy business to exploit new opportunities in order to enter the market with new clean technologies
  • change the concept of aeolian generators and make them more efficient and compatible with the environment.
  • Patented concentrating solar collectors to produce thermal energy (hot water or steam) supplying industry processes and solar cooling system
  • Services and design of new systems for green energy exploitation
  • Ten years of experience in hydrogen and fuel cell. New branch to develop hardware and software solutions for smart microgrid
  • Design, manufacture and deployment of wave energy converters
  • New thin film deposition technique to make solar photovoltaics a competitive energy source
  • Advanced design wind turbine for water pumping
  • Concentrated Photovoltaic R&D in order to replace Germanium wafers with virtual Silicon-Germanium wafers, suitable for advanced III-V solar
  • Silicon purification and growing of monocrystal for photovoltaic, electronical applications
  • Cheap thermodynamic solar integrated systems capable of satisfying different domestic and industrial energetic needs
  • Low emission aircraft
  • Sale of biodiesel to African mobile companies for powering their base stations. Jatropha seeds are collected in return of air-time units.
  • new-generation photovoltaic systems
  • plant trees and sell carbon credits through social media
  • Natural water treatments using a floating element that allows growth of plants directly on the waste water
  • Production and distribution of innovative sensors for Radon gas detection.
  • global-born start-up aiming to become a leader in the expanding and growing market of industrial biotech and green chemistry
  • Web start-up that leverages the internet to help Cleantech organisations globally find resources at lower costs and go to market faster
  • Web 2.0 solution combined with smartplugs that helps households and SME's to make energy saving fun