French association of equity investors (Private Equity, Venture Capital, etc.)


Business Association Italy America, promoting innovation between the two countries

France Angels

French association of Business Angels, member of EBAN

Germany Trade & Invest

Economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany

International Venture Club

Network of leading VC funds promoting cross-border investment opportunities

Italian Business & Investment Initiative

Initiative promoting Italy's innovative SME sector to the US investor communities

Maverick Angels

American angel investor network providing coaching, training and relationships to international start-ups

Mind The Bridge

Foundation providing Italian start-ups with the opportunity to take part in a mentoring and netwotking program in Silicon Valley

Mobicap Consortium

International consortium backed by the European Union under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, to improve access to finance in Mobile/Mobility

Singularity University

New concept of university that can leverage the power of exponential technologies to solve humanity's grand challenges

Space Tec Capital Partners

Consulting and investment company in the markets of mobile navigation, communication, information and entertainment (part of the Mobicap Consortium)

Telefonica Wayra

International startup accelerator from Telefonica Group active in Europe and Latin America

UK Trade & Investment

Economic development agency of the United Kingdom

Wireless Industry Partnership

International company building mobile developer communities (part of the Mobicap Consortium)