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Seed investment for Stereomood


Stereomood, a startup which develops an online platform that helps users to choose the right music to listen depending on mood or situation, has received a fist seed round of investments from Innogest and Italian angels of growth. This first round could generate a further investment in short time in order to support the development of this startup that was one of the ones who partecipated at the Italian innovation day in Silicon Valley.  The event, supported also by Intesa Sanpaolo Startup Initiative, was held in the Berkeley University last February 23rd and saw the Mind the Bridge 2012 eleven finalists presenting in front of a panel of VCs, the finalists were all great projects and startups: D-RObit, Enatek, Genport, Kitotech, Braincontrol by Liquidweb, NextStyler, Timbuktu, Up, Vinswer, Vivocha and, of course, Stereomood.