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Intesa Sanpaolo sends 6 start-ups to San Francisco for the Mind the Bridge Gym

For the second year Intesa Sanpaolo will sponsor six start-ups with great development potential and a global perspective to let them participate to Mind the Bridge Gym Program in California. The program consists of two weeks of seminars, mentoring and the possibility to meet local investors and potential customers.

The program will culminate on Feb 23rd with the Italian Innovation Day Silicon Valley, an investment forum organized jointly by Intesa Sanpaolo, Mind The Bridge, IB&II and BAIA.

The program will take place at the Mind The Bridge offices in San Francisco from February 13thto February 26th and it will allow the start-ups selected to take part in activities such as seminars provided by local professionals, experts and entrepreneurs; mentorship through a dedicated mentor for each start-up; networking through events that will give several chances to get in touch with local high-tech entrepreneurs and finally the participation to the Demo Day (23rd February) where the start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their business in front of an arena of US potential investors.

The selected start-ups are:

  • Liquidweb, a framework for assistive applications based on brain-computer interfaces
  • Genport, a company which makes mobile power sources based on fuel cell and lithium batteries to extend in any off-grid contest runtime of electronics
  • Enatek, a cleantech company that developed the killer application in micro wind turbine industry
  • Underground Power, a start-up who developed a speed bumper which harvests kinetic energy from braking cars, converting it into power.
  • KitoTech Medical, who aims to revolutionize wound care with suture replacements made of chitin nano fibers using proprietary technology.