Wine Tech @ Expo 2015 - Last Edition

Milan, Italy - October , 2015

Focus: Wine Technologies

The last edition of the Investor Arena meeting cycle throughout Expo Milano 2015 will focus on Wine technologies: Viticulture, Characterization of Soil, Drones, Harvesting & Destemming, Preservatives & Additives, Yeasts & Fermentation, Preservatives, Marketing, Sales,…

The event will take place on Thursday October  15 2015, starting 11 a.m. till 14 p.m., at the Intesa Sanpaolo Pavilion "The Waterstone" in Expo, Milan. In this occasion seven startups will introduce their project to an audience of potential investors, business partners or ecosystem players. The startups presenting at this meeting are:

1. AurorasMicroclimate monitoring system platform for vineyards, through wireless sensors and actuators. The solution is expandable to all types of cultivations, greenhouses included. Main benefits are: less toxic substances, reduced costs due to pesticides, increased production and quality. 

2. CryptobrandAnti-fraud digital platform enabling the check for originality of documents and products, also on the web. Cryptobrand provides secured tags with certified information inside to protect third parties items, mainly printed documents and products sold in physical stores and e-Commerce sites, while a tracking system operates "Brand to End" to monitor their distribution.

3. SAL Engineering: Engineering, manufacturing and selling of applications, products and services for the acquisition of key data, with the use of RPAS – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Vehicles or Drones. Drones are equipped with high-tech sensors and operate in aerial, terrestrial and marine environments. With the solutions of SAL Engineering, data acquisition is more reliable, cost effective, accurate and flexible than it would be with traditional methods.

4. Viniexport: Wine trading platform, quoting varieties of wines from all over the world. The platform optimize scouting and budgeting for buyers and generate fair competition between producers.

5.  Viveat: Software as a Service solution enables any customer to interact with any Viveat labeled product using an NFC enabled smartphone. Viveat establishes a direct connection between customers, products and companies introducing a new era of information, secure consumption and marketing opportunities. All data collected on distribution and users is crucial to allow long term growth through effective control of logistics and customer intelligence.

6. WineAmore: B2B software application for iPad to create, manage and improve the wine-list of restaurants: a digital wine-list instead of the paper ones.

7. wineOwine: Flash wine e-commerce website that proposes every week just the finest wines selected among niche and artisanal producers. Each week is proposed a new winery at a discounted prices and by telling the stories and the curiosities concerning each wine and each producer we create the context for a very emotional purchase. Every wine is limited edition and the result of a long selection among small and independent artisanal Italian wineries.