Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative - BioInItaly & Healthcare 2011

Milan, Italy - April 4-5, 2011

Biotechnologies + Healthcare and Medical Devices


The eighth and ninth national editions of the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative will be entirely dedicated to Biotechnologies (Investor Arena Meeting on April 4) and Healthcare (Investor Arena Meeting on April 5).

The event is organized in collaboration with two leading sector associations, Assobiotec and InnovHub, and it will coincide with the 2010 edition of the BioInItaly Investment Forum.

The application window for this event is closed.

photo © 2010 Katrin Morenz | more info  (via: Wylio)

Selected Start-Ups
  • Innovative diagnostic methods for food and feed certification and traceability
  • global-born start-up aiming to become a leader in the expanding and growing market of industrial biotech and green chemistry
  • Development of innovative probes for molecular imaging (MI), in particular Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  • Production of CE-IVD devices and systems that guarantee the anonymity and traceability in different areas of diagnostics and clinical medici
  • We develop innovative functional foods and dietary products from lupin seed (Nutraceutics)
  • Autoimmune diseases diagnostic tests and drugs development through peptide-small molecule interaction software and in silico screenings.
  • Our wireless devices assist remotely, help in the ER as seconds count and optimize budgets. Whether you're a patient, doctor or manager – we
  • Cancer Biotech. Our mission is to develop new anti-tumor therapies based on anti-Trop-2 antibodies.
  • We propose here to develop PNG-01, a novel drug-eluting medical device for the treatment of early and locally advanced stages of cervical ca
  • Preclinical development of a novel proprietary peptide antibiotic. Other antibiotic and anticancer leads are in the pipeline.
  • Beauty as a result of a general state of health
  • We sell bioreactors, devices that allow to grow cells in a 3D environment and to generate tissues (for research, pharma and clinic applicati
  • Integrated ICT platform, starting with a number of technologically advanced medical devices (haptic interfaces, ...)
  • We aim to address the big pharma’s increasing demand for truly innovative lead structures, by the full application of our “LeadEngine” appro
  • Discovery and pre-clinical development of diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Novel proprietary biologics–Peptides and Monoclonal Antibodies-using a ground-breaking platform technology.
  • We help medical organizations and professionals to daily plan and manage home healthcare or assistance services especially to chronic patien
  • We aim to take to the market the most advanced solution for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Integrated telemedicine service for remote cardiac monitoring including a device to acquire the cardiac signal and an online service center
  • Disposable bio-chip cartridge for multi-parametric analysis based on Organic LEDs, for the detection of pathogens, to be used with portable