Intesa Sanpaolo Start-up Initiative - Global Social Venture Competition 2011

Milan, Italy - January 28, 2011

Global Social Venture Competition

Intesa Sanpaolo and Banca Prossima announce the first Start-Up Initiative event dedicated to projects and technologies with a high social impact.

The event was organized in cooperation with Alta Scuola Impresa e Società dell’Università Cattolica di Milano (ALTIS) and Associazione San Michele Valore Impresa, and it coincided with the 2011 Italian edition of the Global Social Venture Competition.

40 start-ups applied for this edition; 11 gained access to the training stage and reached the Investor Arena Meeting, where they pitched their business idea to over 90 attending investors, who collectively expressed 70 interest manifestations.

Selected Start-Ups
  • A Glocal way for green energy
  • To clear the seaweed from the beaches and then, using a process invented by us, trasform it into cellulose pulp for the production of paper
  • A "living show room" of best practices in social and environmental ranges, innovative patents and technologies. Key word: accessibility
  • Quality home video entertainment and taking Nollywood to greater heights.
  • The social charity bid: an Internet social network that raises funds for charity by means of online auctions
  • Production of sweets by prison inmates. Buy a simple sweet and change your and others’ life.
  • Revaluation of Maragima village in Central Kenya, starting from the enhancement and development of the local resources for milk production
  • Apparel to clothe the soul: production of religious clothing in the Holy Land
  • Our motto is: "Sport makes a better world". Minor sport training with recognized champions, following a hybrid pricing model
  • Buy or Rent your eco-ethical office! We provide you with the best of breed 0Km solutions. From refurbished printers to slow-food breaks