Intesa Sanpaolo Start-up Initiative - Nanochallenge & Polymerchallenge 2010

Padova, Italy - November 26, 2010

Nanotechnologies & materials

The sixth national edition of the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative was dedicated to the nanotechnology sector.

The event was organized in cooperation with Veneto Nanotech and IMAST, and was followed by a round table titled “Rebooting Italy after the crisis: competence innovation and new opportunities” (“Il rilancio del Paese dopo la crisi: innovazione delle competenze e nuove opportunità”).

Over 30 start-ups applied for this edition; 11 gained access to the training and were admitted to the final Arena Meeting, where they pitched to over 50 attending investors, who collectively expressed over 50 interest manifestations.

Selected Start-Ups
  • We create energy solutions using cutting-edge nano-tech and electronics to create products for residential and commercial lighting
  • To become the biotech "Intel inside" technology for diagnostic kit producers and pharma companies by improving the performance of their prod
  • We design, develop and produce nanofluidic Lab-On-Chips to separate biomolecules and to concentrate proteins and DNA
  • We develop the most advanced diagnostic solution for prostate cancer and its treatment
  • Technology company holding next generation advanced materials and functional coating based on proprietary nanotechnology and IP
  • We aim to boost copper pot in the market, thanks to a new technology that allows grat efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability
  • Manufacturing and sale of nano-coated diamonds (NCD) for abrasive-containing tools, particularly for the stone industry
  • We design and supply plug&play catalysts tailored to the needs of our clients obtaining enhanced lifetime and higher performance.
  • Production and sale of hybrid composite foams for lightweight and high performance elements in civil and industrial buildings
  • We provide a new technique to increase the light absorption efficiency of thin films for applications in photovoltaics
  • Using our patented technology we produce super-lightweight and efficient insulation materials from rice husk, cheap and green
  • A new and revolutionary process for the production of the world's first smart honeycomb with embedded sensors