Intesa Sanpaolo Start-up Initiative - ICT 2010

Milan, Italy - June 29, 2010

Information & Communication Technology

The fourth national edition of the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative was entirely dedicated to the ICT sector.

Over 120 start-ups applied for this edition; 26 gained access to the training and evaluation phase; and 12 were admitted to the final Arena Meeting, where they pitched to over 50 attending investors, who collectively expressed over 90 interest manifestations. 4 of the finalists were international.

This edition marked two new partnership agreements: non profit mentoring association Fondazione Prospera extended free training offerings to all participants, while Torino Piemonte Internet Exchange (TOP-IX) offered infrastructural services such as hosting & housing, and a testing environment for development-stage technologies, services and business models.

Selected Start-Ups
  • Open e-health, real-time mobile platform for the acquisition, analysis and processing of medical data. Its components are fully wireless
  • Web service that lets you easily snip and mix contents over the web and share everything using social networks, instant messaging and blogs
  • An independent and open platform for personalized newspapers and premium content distribution
  • Online Service for the Creation, Management, Web Sites and Cms, generating incomes from the web hosting sale and additional services
  • Professional legal services
  • A marketplace for display advertising spaces (banner - video) on the Internet
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • the world's first booking platform for local sameday couriers
  • The first business card search engine. Plus create, customize, share and print your online digital cards
  • Fully managed PC application workspace on a USB device, used on unmanaged PCs
  • ERP for dummies
  • To produce and deliver e-feelings. Those are multimedia content and applications helping people feel better and fight stress and anxiety
  • WINA is our vision for help the blinds and elderly people for find and tracking indoor tags in 3D space,in real-time and with high precision
  • Award-winning company in the Computer graphic and videogame development fields. We develop products for PC, Consoles and Mobile
  • Software, based on Web 2.0, that introduces an innovative system of mobile marketing and social network into the publishing industry
  • Business based on a web platform that capitalizes on socialnetworking relations between those who love music. Pay and free Business model.
  • The revolution into the sport experience. Play, track your perfomances and share your insights with your friends!
  • Engineering research results in the field of Sensing, Processing and Interfacing to launch high tech control solutions for automotive
  • A virtual wine/gourmet "borgo", local yet projected on a global scale,an immersive marketplace showcasing the very best of Italy's wine/food
  • Facebook for business, including all necessary tools for professional 3.0 website design
  • Innovative solution for multimedia content distribution on board vehicles: smart-phones are used as communication devices.
  • Innovative software solution for recruitment/selection of candidates integrated with a web-conference system, optimizing hiring process
  • We aim to become the first provider of web services for the B&B-Farmhouse-SPA-Wellness Center market in Italy
  • Innovative solution for the provisioning of information between healthcare businesses and their customers
  • Music social network that helps musicians find gigs to play, connecting artists