Intesa Sanpaolo Start-up Initiative - 2nd Edition

Milan, Italy - February 1, 2010


Startup Initiative

Selected Start-Ups
  • Development and commercialization of innovative products for a sustainable and envinromental friendly crop growing industry
  • New species aquaculture. We developed an innovative feed for the fattening of the sea urchin.
  • Probiotic for bees characterised by a new mechanism of action that can protect them against bacterial diseases and attack by parasites
  • Expertise on microalgae for biomass production (oil extraction and a variety of useful compounds), biotechnology for cultural heritage conse
  • Active packaging that traps molecules responsible of ripening, to increase horticultural produce shelf-life.
  • Cleantech company that developed the killer application in micro wind turbine industry
  • appropriate medications for children
  • medical education tools based on a novel software simulation platform aimed at a more effective learning experience and lower error rates
  • New non-invasive solutions for osteoporosis diagnosis and related bone diseases.
  • Development of biosensors and biotelemetric NETs for the multiparameter monitoring of biochemicals.
  • Licensing and production of odontotechnics components
  • 2 million of severe disabled people are waiting for our product to allow them using ElectricPoweredWheelchairs & control normal home devices
  • Breakthrough tissue and blood vessel technology that can lead to products for large market unmet medical needs in under four years
  • There is only one kind of toy in the future: Interactive, Evolutionary and Social
  • Adaptive optics components for the optimization of any optical system, from science to industry and biomedics
  • It is not an Amazon Kindle, it is not a standard paper book. It is the first web enhanced paper book!
  • Social Media Application where users can Connect & Share movies, tv-shows, songs, books and paintings by Blending Video & Text
  • A platform turning prospects into customers and customers into "Brand Evangelists - the retailers workhorse.
  • The first online Brand Store Incubator for fashion, design and luxury
  • Identification through what you are: give us a finger and a smile and we'll say who you are
  • Platform for enriching personal communication devices with behavioural advertising means for supporting context-aware ads
  • We allow enterprises to communicate with customers using innovative Mobile Social Media services as integration of software building blocks
  • The Social Radio: a free and fun platform for creating live shows and radio stations mixing voice and music
  • An application system valid for exchanging in total security and privacy of money through the use of mobile.
  • Nanoscience and nanotechnology for hightech products to improve life quality by saving life environment
  • emerging technology for mass production of nanopatterned surfaces
  • Our mission is the application of laser spectroscopy techniques for non-contact gas-sensing in the beverage and food industries