Intesa Sanpaolo Start-up Initiative - Pilot edition

Milan, Italy - September 30, 2009


Intesa Sanpaolo presents the first edition of  its “Start-Up Initiative”, a project devoted to start-ups and investors ready to support them. It is the first platform in Italy that matches start-ups and investors through a process comprising training, selection and on-site pitching with the of finalizing investments.

Over 45 start-ups applied for this edition; 26 gained access to the training and evaluation phase; and 14 were admitted to the final Arena Meeting, where they pitched to over 50 attending investors, who collectively expressed over 70 interest manifestations.

The Start-Up Initiative project expands Intesa Sanpaolo Group’s service offering for Italian companies. In particular, the project is designed for firms that intend to undertake a process of growth through innovation and research: from university spin-offs to start-ups, from small and medium-sized hi-tech Companies to technological groups, the Bank offers assistance, professional advice, loans and equity through dedicated structures.

Selected Start-Ups
  • Unique solution able to reduce energy consumption by 30% and to transform each lamp into a smart access point of a network.
  • Integrated hardware-software system to improve efficiency of public lighting
  • Highly Efficient Reactors for hydrogen generation from water, fuel from carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide capture
  • Revolutionary photovoltaic material that will drastically improve solar cell efficiency keeping production costs low
  • Hydrogen is not a dream anymore: a new generation of on site hydrogen production plant (electrolyser) in partnership with a new CHP system.
  • Insulation panels in ultralight material for “Made in Italy” eco-sustainable architectures
  • Research and development of electromedical measuring instruments and sport protection fittings of body parts
  • Interoperable Digital Rights Management services for the consumers and the enterprise. Social-oriented viral application for smart sharing
  • Web Label of digital music which offers to worldwide musicians a selfservice web platform for developing their own music
  • Wireless Solutions for Security and Mission-critical Applications
  • VirtuyExpo a platform to host 3D virtual trade shows. Imagine a 3D trade show inside your web browser.
  • Innovative service for creating and administering complex database applications in the cloud, much faster and easier than competitors.
  • When Facebook meets Amazon: the international eBook Social Network
  • Next generation Job Board online: the aim is to help companies and candidates to meet easily and quickly.
  • The first network for nautical travel in Mediterranean area
  • Use of parallel computing to unlock the power of the new hardware generation, applied to extended financial portfolio data sets
  • Vertical Visual social media network for Creative People
  • Service that allows flight travelers to save money and to reach more destinations by finding best flight routes among all existing airports
  • Social marketplace for travel
  • Web 2.0 Social Media and Marketplace for contents and artworks, created within virtual worlds
  • Musical-based social network. Incredibly simple multitrack social recorder.
  • Find and be found always, everywhere and in every language
  • We produce and sell products that reinvent the bedroom experience for luxury-addicted consumers worldwide.