Italian Innovation Day - New York Spring 2011

Intesa Sanpaolo, Mind The Bridge, IB&II and BAIA organize the Italian Innovation Day New York, an investment forum organized to showcase italian excellence in technology to the US Market.

A selection of Start-Up Initiative alumni will pitch at the event. For more information see

Selected Start-Ups
  • Sale of biodiesel to African mobile companies for powering their base stations. Jatropha seeds are collected in return of air-time units.
  • New thin film deposition technique to make solar photovoltaics a competitive energy source
  • Vertical Visual social media network for Creative People
  • Web start-up that leverages the internet to help Cleantech organisations globally find resources at lower costs and go to market faster
  • A virtual wine/gourmet "borgo", local yet projected on a global scale,an immersive marketplace showcasing the very best of Italy's wine/food