Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative - ICT & Mobile 2012

Milan, Italy - June 13-14, 2012

ICT & Online Services; Mobile & Mobility; Electronics & Information

The Intesa Sanpaolo Mobicap/Start-Up Initiative, is an investment forum focusing on the ICT, Electronics & Mobile/Mobility fields.

The investment forum on ICT & Electronics will take place on June 13 at Palazzo Besana, Piazza Belgioioso 1, Milan, Italy; the investment forum on Mobile & Mobility will take place on June 14 at Blend Tower, Piazza IV Novembre, 7, Milan, Italy.

The forum is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative. This edition is developed in collaboration with the Mobicap Project, which is backed by the European Commission through its Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). 

The Investor Arena Meeting  is aimed at international investors, companies and institutions with an interest in mobile technology. Participants will have a chance to learn about some of the most promising European innovative projects under development (from start-ups, spin-offs, companies, universities and research centers), which were selected and coached by industry experts and business angels to provide the audience with interesting investment and business development opportunities.

If you want to attend, please write an email at

Selected Start-Ups
  • The creation of a databank of antiques lots sold at auction around the world: Antiques Price Database
  • The Project is referring to a patented Smartphone for Blind and Hypo-seeing people.
  • Carry out surveys addressed to small and medium enterprises, at a lower cost and a higher rate of replies, compared to the current market!
  • The revolution of the way you travel: no more coins, cards or paper, from airplane to bus.
  • Providing a mobile shopping gateway for everyday day consumer goods and services
  • The first italian community marketplace to learn anything from anyone.
  • Once upon a FAQ...
  • We allow to search, compare, analyze and understand products we use and consume every day based on the ingredients on their labels
  • A Smart Social Commerce platform that let people get the perfect gift: the one they really want.
  • The product is free and allows the selection of the most effective mobile plan with one click. Mobile operators pay per new customers and st
  • An app that offers exclusive last minute restaurant deals combining: geolocalization, customization, scalability and immediacy.
  • A mobile and web App to cut routine tasks off, so you can focus on other thrilling pursuits. Non-nerdy Full mobile automation.
  • Guests can vote on the songs of a place with our app if there is the app running and they also generate ads for the place.
  • Grow our current market position as the leading Social Media Listening and Analytics vendor in Italy and expand business internationally.
  • Consumers Time = energy for brands. A loyalty system measuring time as energy and converting this energy into rewards and recognition.
  • Voice is the Universal app. Our product is a Cloud-based voice-driven services store for every telephony device.
  • Mobile and online commodities platform that marries smallholder production in Africa with surging demand in China
  • The place for fans, artists, promoters and venues to talk about live music that matters to them.
  • The first POS & In Store SaaS designed for a modern Cloud platform. The direct link with stores and the world is up in the Clouds.
  • A simple and fun way to send small gifts to friends' smartphones, instantly!
  • An innovative platform for sport gamification and real time social sport. It permits to challenge other people worldwide
  • Creating the most powerful lead generation engine in the real estate market
  • Eliminate any worry about what will happen to your email when you sign up to new websites.
  • A search engine able to get relevant information from all public conversations hosted on Facebook, enhancing WOM's monitoring.
  • Turning the outdoor eating in a web 2.0 experience, thus creating new businesses and opportunities for foodies.
  • The social game in the manga universe.
  • Converting football betting in an alternative form of investment not correlated at financial market
  • The company proposes low cost and strongly effective technology for anticounterfeiting and protection from infringement goods.
  • The first reputation service providing a feedback based reputation from marketplaces, social networks and real life actions!
  • A disruptive new Foreign Exchange trading system for the emerging BRICS nations.
  • We connect sellers and buyers of hand-made products. Seeks to be International to appeal a broader market.
  • Fibre optic system to measure 2D and 3D deformation of a structure. Civil applications like : buildings, railways, bridges, tunnels, other.
  • Democratizing rich and engaging 3D content creation in the cloud.