Food Tech Open Innovation Day @ Expo 2015 - III Edition

Milan, Italy - July 9, 2015

Focus: Safety & Security

The third edition of the Investor Arena meeting cycle that continues throughout Expo Milano 2015 will focus on food safety and security technologies: Diagnostics, Quality, Preservatives & Additives, Traceability and Innovative Active Packaging.

The event will take place on Thursday June 11 2015, starting 11 a.m. till 14 p.m., at Intesa Sanpaolo Pavilion, "The Waterstone". In this occasion seven startups will introduce their project to an audience of potential investors, business partners or ecosystem players. The startups presenting at this meeting are:

  • AGE – RevOILution: an innovative appliance with an eye-catching design used in the production of fresh extra-virgin olive oil, starting with frozen olives supplied in dedicated packaging. The olives are inserted in the device for about 45 minutes, resulting in half a litre of genuine, unadulterated EVO (extra-virgin olive oil) at the same price as a bottle sold in a supermarket.
  • FOODsniffer: the world’s first electronic “nose” helps to determine the quality of beef, mutton, poultry and fish before it is consumed. FOODsniffer is a portable hand-held device that significantly reduces the risk of food contamination. The device interfaces with a dedicated app that allows the user to share test results with friends.
  • iDeaPool: a patented intelligent milk freshness indicator that uses an a embedded sensor with a light that changes colour to dynamically detect the freshness of milk.
  • In3Diagnostic: a range of products that offer optimal solutions for the eradication of infectious animal diseases via the use of extremely high-performing serological tests. Melixa: a remote beehive monitoring system. This advanced, soon-to-be-patented device can be installed in beehives and features a set of environmental sensors plus a bee counter. The data is made available to beekeepers via a user-friendly web app.
  • ProXentia: a versatile device used to perform rapid and flexible molecular tests in the food and agro-industrial sector. It comprises two basic units: a portable reader and a cluster of single-use cartridges. The device uses the company’s patented optical technology Reflective Phantom Interface (RPI).
  • Xnext: a new generation of x-ray systems capable of precise identification, at high-speed and in real time, of chemical composition and molecular density, providing an image of the object under analysis. Thanks to patented technology, the Xnext system offers unique and advanced features not available to its global competitors.