Food Tech Open Innovation Day @ Expo 2015 - II Edition

Milan, Italy - June 11, 2015

Focus: Nutrition & Health

Second edition of the Open Innovation appointment dedicated to Food Tech startups. The event will take place on Thursday June 11 2015, starting 11 a.m. till 14 p.m., at Intesa Sanpaolo Pavilion, "The Waterstone", Expo Milan and will see seven startups active in nutrition & health technologies: Ingredients, Nutraceutics, Functional Foods, Health & Wellness, Eating Disorders & Special Diets, Seeds & Feeds and Sustainability.

The companies present at this meeting are:

  • cucina Mancina: The first food community for custom and selective eaters, for choice or need. Platform that aggregates recipes, news, restaurants, stores, companies and products dedicated to the different diet needs: vegetarian, vegan, allergic, intolerant, curios eaters, low sodium, low fat, low sugar diets
  • Energ+ Roibesso: Healthy Artisan Tea blends indulgently handcrafted by your barista in a style of cappuccino latte, macchiato
  • iSweetch: develops and produces protein based sweeteners that replace sugar and synthetic sweeteners for a healthier diet
  • Mamma M'Ama: The first company in Europe to distribute in large retailers and on line, fresh complete and organic baby food
  • Oreegano: the intelligent recipe community is the most advanced online platform about food, cooking and nutrition
  • SafecerealS: The new method to produce foods for gluten intolerant people.SafecerealS proposes an enzymatic treatment of flour/semolina to detoxify gluten.
  • The Algae Factory: Innovative algae based snacks tailored to the needs of different consumers (i.e. vegan, halal, gluten and lactose intolerant). These products have high protein content and are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Omega 3.