Startup Initiative
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Our Value Proposition for Industry Players

You are a tech-oriented manager in a large corporation, maybe even the CTO or CIO.

You are always looking for ways to keep up with the technological developments in your sector.

You want to define your R&D strategy in a way that optimizes time-to-market.

You know that someone, somewhere has filed a patent that could revolutionize your business, but you don't know how you can benefit from that.

For you, Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative means:


  • Access to technology and talent

    Get in touch with the latest & greatest developments in your field, and meet brilliant entrepreneurs committed to being on the cutting edge of technology.


  • Open innovation

    Scout for R&D resources and opportunities. If you find the perfect match, you can evaluate potential acquisitions, provide seed funding or simply do some business with our start-ups.


  • Intellectual Property transfer

    Evaluate your intangible assets, find development areas and improve your competitiveness by licensing innovative technologies.


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