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Our Value Proposition for the Innovation Ecosystem

You manage a science park tied to a prestigious University. You are in charge of business development for a small incubator. You coordinate the efforts of a local administration to promote R&D. You are, in short, a player of the Innovation Ecosystem.

You are always on the lookout for opportunities to promote the brilliant researchers, students and young entrepreneurs who hang out on your premises.

You wish it would be easier to reach out to other institutions who share your goals, and to synchronize your efforts.

You provide the best, most useful services startups could want, but there are so many of them that it's hard to let them know you are even there.

For you, Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative means:


  • A global showcase for your business ideas

    Improve the success chances of the start-ups and spin-offs born under your wings, by giving them a unique opportunity to formalize their ideas and bring them in front of international investors.

    On average, each startup who reaches an Arena Meeting receives over 10 interest manifestations from investors.


  • A comprehensive partnership network

    Build relationships and strengthen ties with a wide range of institutions who pursue complementary obejctives (from developing new business to promoting system-wide competitiveness).

    We have over 50 partners (and counting): from incubators to software corporations, from science parks to business coaches.


  • Co-marketing with reach

    Promote your services to a large number of potential customers, and always be found thanks to a dedicated service search engine for start-ups.

    Since September 2009, over 550 start-ups have applied to join the Intesa Sanpaolo Start-Up Initiative.


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